EX: Employee Experience and Wellbeing

Throughout AFDigital’s journey to guide businesses towards digital transformation, we have focused on enriching the Customer Experience. But as times drastically changed within the past few months, our team realised that there’s a deeper approach on how we can deliver the best service to our customers: by taking better care of our employees.

And because we track all our interactions and transactions with our customers on Salesforce, we thought, “why not use the best technology to build a 1:1 relationship with our employees as well?” This is how EX: Employee Experience and Wellbeing was born.

AFDigital is currently developing a system within Salesforce to track our employees’ career journey, sentiments, goals and most importantly wellbeing. From the employee’s recruitment up until he resigns, this system, using chatbots and FormAssembly to gather information, will cover all possible bases including personal details, performance evaluations, assets management and so much more — and you can find all this information in Salesforce!

As it is of utmost importance to keep our employees safe during this time, we created a chatbot on Microsoft Teams that asks employees daily where they will be working (whether in the office, at home, or somewhere else) and how they are feeling each day. The information is logged as records in Salesforce which makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their employees. A simple solution with endless possibilities.

We are so excited to launch EX and be able to extend this technology to our customers. As we help you take care of your own customers by building personalised journeys, we want to provide the same personalised experience for employees — the family that keeps the business alive and growing. </body> </html>

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