Empower sustainability and innovation with Net Zero Cloud

Put sustainability at the core of your company’s efforts to help the planet. Achieve carbon neutrality and consciously manage your environmental impact with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud.

Net Zero Cloud is a trusted platform that serves as your single source of truth for environmental data. It lets you track, analyse, and report on carbon emissions and waste management data across your business ecosystem - and that of your suppliers’ - easily and conveniently. With the platform, you get access to investor-grade dashboards that ensure you are enterprise- and C-suite compliant.

Additionally, Salesforce with Net Zero cloud works perfectly with Tableau for data visualisation, and MuleSoft for total Customer 360 integration. You can also integrate it with Slack for convenient collaboration and communication across your various stakeholders.

What does it mean to be net zero?

Simply put, net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced, and the amount removed from the atmosphere. You are net zero when the amount added is no more than the amount taken away.

Organisations all over the world are proactively limiting carbon emissions in an effort to reduce global warming and deal with climate change.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud helps organisations achieve this goal with one powerful, feature-rich, and convenient solution.

Benefits of Net Zero Cloud

Apart from being your single source of truth for all forms of environmental data, including carbon footprint, energy use, and waste management, the trusted platform also lets you:

Helping you get started on your net zero journey

As a leading Salesforce Consulting Partner, AFDigital can help you get started on your journey towards reducing your carbon footprint and ultimately becoming net zero. Three of our Salesforce Functional Consultants, Ramya Ponnam, Nicole Valerio and Rey Meljohn Guieb, recently achieved Net Zero Cloud accreditation, which means that they can be instrumental in providing solutions and help customers reach their climate goals.

Of her recent accreditation, Valerio says, “Learning about Salesforce Net Zero helped me better understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the urgency in climate change, and what NetZero Cloud can provide for organisations to enable them to take climate action.” She adds, “Personally, I have been more reflective and conscious about my actions and how much it impacts the environment. I think we can all agree that the environment is a key stakeholder for every business and taking a step towards carbon neutrality – albeit little, can be significant in the years to come.”

Ponnam adds, “To be a Net Zero Cloud accredited professional has given me an opportunity to understand how the world is driving towards Sustainability and helped me understand how powerful the Net Zero Cloud is for the organisations to automatically calculate and manage emissions through data, reports and visual dashboards.

Ever since I have started reading about the Net Zero it has made me conscious about my day-to-day activities that would have any impact on the environment. I think as an individual if we can contribute a little that we could do towards sustainability from now, it would have greater impacts in the future.”

Book a consultation with us to learn more about Net Zero Cloud and how it can help you build a sustainable organisation.

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