eCommerce Migration for Retail Brand SkinKandy

eCommerce Migration for Retail Brand SkinKandy

SkinKandy, Australia’s largest specialist body piercing and body jewellery company, needed to migrate to a new eCommerce platform to help them ramp up even more quickly. The company believes that getting a piercing is a deeply personal - and special - experience, so they want to provide their customers with the most convenient and streamlined process possible across all touch points.

In order to support their rapid growth, SkinKandy needed to capitalise on other integration and customer experience improvements. They selected Shopify as their new eCommerce platform, and needed to integrate it with Salesforce for a truly seamless experience. The company reached out to AFDigital, who also helped them with their successful Salesforce transformation, to help them with these efforts.

Key Objectives

SkinKandy engaged AFDigital to support the migration to a Shopify eCommerce experience, with Salesforce as the single source of truth, as well as to enhance their Experience Cloud support functions and provide ongoing operational and Digital Experiences (DX) support.

What AFDigital Did

AFDigital worked closely with SkinKandy, supporting them as they went through an eCommerce migration from their previous platform, WooCommerce, to Shopify. The migration involved a series of different tasks, with user stories that included:

This project required complex integration, as there are multiple platforms involved - Zapier, Salesforce, Shopify, and their POS - which AFDigital was able to execute excellently. We also ensured there was minimal downtime while the business shifted to Shopify, which enabled the business to operate continuously.

The Results

AFDigital was able to streamline all support processes into a single Experience Cloud Website that complimented the design and feel of the Shopify website. This improved the overall support experience for customers. We also improved their “Book Now” process, streamlining it into a single flow. This helped their internal support agents immensely because it reduced the handling time and simplified the complex process of booking requests.

Customers are also now able to access their loyalty points, which gave the business more control and enabled them to have more savings around loyalty liabilities.

Working with AFDigital

“The AFD project team on the Shopify project were diligent and listened to our requirements and needs. The project was a slow burn at the start but once the team gelled and understood the requirements the project was delivered.”

Tony Harris SkinKandy National Salesforce Platform Manager

Through the years, AFDigital and SkinKandy have established a fruitful relationship. We will remain steadfast in enabling the company - and other organisations - to transform digitally and grow continuously.

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