Digital Marketing Transformation for Lifestyle Brand Norths Collective

Digital Marketing Transformation for Lifestyle Brand Norths Collective

What do sophisticated, hyper-personalised campaigns bring to the table? For Norths Collective, it's getting an average of 40% email open rates and a sold-out concert on the first week of ticket sales ” both impressive results of leveraging the power of Marketing Cloud for digital marketing transformation.

More than being a club, Norths Collective is a lifestyle hub that brings people together and celebrates the connection they share with the community. Norths has always put people at the centre of everything they do, which makes building smarter Member Journeys their top priority. 

Their chosen technology for digital marketing transformation? Salesforce. 

norths digital marketing transformation norths digital marketing transformation

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Our Marketing Cloud Practice Director, Paul Cheing, sat down with North’s Brand and Digital Innovation Manager, Robert Lopez, to discuss the brand’s digital transformation journey and how AFDigital helped set them up for success.

Key Objectives

Being a membership-based organisation makes the whole Norths community an integral part of the business. As Norths Brand and Digital Innovation Manager, Robert Lopez wanted to obtain a 360-degree view of all their club members, understand their data and metrics to make smarter business decisions, and build 1on1 hyper-personalised marketing communication journeys. These key objectives drove Norths toward the Salesforce path. 

Salesforce is leading the way in CRM, marketing, analytics, and capability. They are always innovating, always growing, and the systems are constantly getting smarter.

” Robert Lopez, Brand and Digital Innovation Manager, Norths Collective

What AFDigital Did

With a clear understanding of Norths business objectives, AFDigital helped them set up a best practice implementation of Marketing Cloud integrated with their Salesforce CRM. By leveraging the power of these platforms, including Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder and Mobile Connect (SMS), we enabled Norths to:

AFDigital went beyond the implementation and build by training the Norths team to use the platform to its full potential. This enabled them to strategically utilise Marketing Cloud and further understand its capabilities ” a vital step in bringing innovation to the forefront of their business.

The Results

Gone are the days of manual business processes and disparate systems and limited Member Journey automation now that Norths is running on Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

One of the key aspects of this project is assisting Norths in building smarter Member Journeys from acquisition to renewal. AFDigital helped them build their initial journeys, particularly their renewal journey, through an omnichannel approach ” one that considers all possible channels (email, mobile, both or neither) open for each member. 

The result? Norths got maximum conversion and retention rate on renewals. 

Another part of their digital marketing transformation includes sending targeted campaigns. Norths held a Kate Ceberano concert months after the pandemic happened. Utilising the power of data in their CRM, Norths pulled in years worth of information from their ticketing systems and used it to send hyper-personalised, targeted campaigns to people. 

This led to an astounding sold-out concert in a week. 

Working with AFDigital

AFDigital is a Certified Salesforce Expert Partner with a proven track record and list of renowned clients ” key factors Norths want in a Salesforce partner. 

For Norths, getting the right partner to help them get started on Salesforce and utilise its functionalities and endless possibilities was essential. AFDigital guided Norths all the way through until they could do a lot of the work on their own. 

AFDigital really understood our business, understood our key objectives, and more importantly, understood the system. It was a real solid relationship with AFD from the beginning; our goals were aligned right from the get-go. Their knowledge of Salesforce and Marketing Cloud were second to none.

” Robert Lopez, Brand and Digital Innovation Manager, Norths Collective

Norths and AFDigital have had a smooth and solid relationship since the beginning. We are looking forward to further bolstering Norths digital marketing transformation through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Watch our success story video below to get more insights on our partnership with Norths Collective! 


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Meet Robert Lopez

As Norths’ Brand and Digital Innovation Manager, Robert’s main roles include serving the needs of their guests, enhancing the efficiency of employees, and driving results on the bottom line.

On a day-to-day basis, Robert ensuresany cross-business marketing opportunities are actioned and delivers the latest in digital and marketing technologies for Norths Collective. Check out their website to learn more about Robert’s work and what they do!

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