Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level with Interaction Studio

Reaching the right person with the right message at the right time is every marketer’s goal. However, it’s easier said than done. Marketing takes more than crafting a message and getting it out there. You need to meet your customers exactly where they are in their buyer journey, understand their needs, and engage with them in real-time. Simply put, you need to create personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints. The good news? It’s possible with Interaction Studio.

Interaction Studio lets you drive valuable engagement the way your audience prefers, all at the right time. Our Marketing Cloud Capability Lead and Technical Architect, David Robuck, will share his insights on how Interaction Studio can help you visualise, track, and manage customer experiences with real-time engagement.

Before we go any further, check out David’s professional background and extensive Marketing Cloud experience in this blog feature

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The Power of Personalised Customer Experiences

More than half (52%) of consumers say they're likely to switch brands if a company doesn't make an effort to personalise communications to them.
Source: Salesforce 2017 State of Marketing report

Personalising customer experience matters now more than ever. Businesses deal with consumers and their different needs, desires, passions, and distractions every day. Communicating with them to meet those needs isn’t enough. You have to develop strong, adaptable consumer relationships and provide connected brand experiences. 

The key to doing that? By providing personalised content ”from the moment they search and buy to the moment they become valued customers and advocates ”and inspiring timely, relevant engagement across all their interactions with your brand. 

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Image source: incloud

Delivering Great Customer Experience with Interaction Studio

Having a solid awareness of your customers interactions, behaviours, and buying journey enables you to deliver personalised and streamlined experiences. But how do you track these in real-time? This is where Interaction Studio comes in.

The biggest challenges with personalisation are gaining insight quickly enough (40%), having enough data (39%), and inaccurate data (38%).
Source: Marketing Charts

Real-time data is the foundation of true one-to-one personalisation. Marketers need to go beyond collecting and organising data; they need a robust solution that will help pull consumer intent from the information they have. 

What’s great about Interaction Studio is it gives you access to complete, actionable, real-time interaction data across multiple owned channels. When you combine data from other sources with real-time data, you get to recognise each customer as an individual and treat them based on their needs and preferences. 

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Image source: Salesforce

With Interaction Studio’s ability to listen and connect every interaction, you get to bridge the gap between your perceptions of what your customers want and the reality of what they actually want.

How Interaction Studio Drives Business Value

Interaction Studio provides you with a 360 customer view in real-time, giving you cross-channel customer insights at every touchpoint. This enables you to define and personalise each customer journey across channels. When you serve your customers the way they want you to, a great customer experience happens. 

81% of consumers want brands to understand them better and know when and when not to approach them.
Source: Accenture

Leveraging Interaction Studio to your digital marketing plan impacts your entire business in many ways. With Interaction Studio, you can:

  • Increase conversions with campaigns and personalised content.
  • Onboard customers with lifecycle insights and optimisation.
  • Solve customer pain points with customised interactions based on consumer behaviour.
  • Deliver relevant and personalised customer service and support. 
  • Retain more customers with renewals, relevant and timely campaigns, and targeted next-best offers. 
  • Connect online touchpoints with offline touchpoints to get a full picture of the buyer's journey.
  • Create brand advocates through loyalty programs, enhanced customer experiences, and proactive customer service.
  • Boost lifetime value with new tools to cross-sell and upsell.

The business value it brings goes beyond the marketing aspect. Interaction Studio helps break down the silos across your Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce Cloud by sharing data so you can better understand the next-best approach and action with your customer. 

Interaction Studio enables you to enhance customer experience at every stage from lead to loyalty. The insights I’ve shared are just some of the endless possibilities you can do with this innovative Marketing Cloud tool. I’ll be talking more about Interaction Studio in an upcoming webinar hosted by AFDigital on 23 June 2021. Stay tuned in this space and on our social platforms for more details!

If you need help leveraging the power of Interaction Studio and other Marketing Cloud tools, contact me or any of our resident Marketing Cloud experts! We’re here to help your business improve customer experiences at scale.

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