craveable brands to Leverage Salesforce Capabilities with AFDigital

craveable brands, an Australian fast-food company that operates over 570 restaurants, has one clear vision: to be Australia’s best known and most loved restaurant brands. Serving over 150,000 customers a day, the brand is determined to improve its services and continue providing excellent customer experience.

craveable brands has been a Salesforce user for a long time. But with data silos still existing across the business and with manual and fragmented CX, the brand knew that they were not maximising Salesforce’s powerful capabilities. Hence, the decision to team up with AFDigital.

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AFDigital will be performing a health check across the brand’s CRM, Marketing Cloud, and Social Studio to be able to determine which needs fixes and improvements. Additionally, the team will be providing training and a 12-month roadmap for guidance to a more efficient process.

We are honoured to help craveable brands with their digital transformation and bring them a step forward towards their vision!

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