Content Marketing and the Impact of Social Media

The phenomenal popularity of social media has changed the way we view content and content marketing. While the internet democratized the flow of information by making it readily accessible to the public, social media has taken it a step further by providing avenues for sharing content, which further increases the reach of content.

How exactly has social media made an impact on content marketing?

One of the biggest impacts of social media has been on the emergence of the new trend called social media listening. This was a concept that became huge last year and its power and influence has carried on to this year – it is now considered one of the most effective tools for content marketing.

For those who are still unfamiliar with the term, social media listening is a process of listening to what is being shared, talked about or being mentioned on the internet, specifically in various social media networks and outlets. Various tools are used in order to facilitate this monitoring function. Data is extracted from this process and this is the basis on which content marketing strategies and other marketing thrusts are formulated.

Social media listening has changed the way we market content because we now know what people are talking about and what they’re interested in. We can now formulate content plans that zero in on what people want to read about. The feedback on these strategies is now also instantaneous because social media monitoring is used in checking the feedback on these content strategies. The feedback mechanism is so effective and accurate that a cycle of content creation- publication-feedback-planning forms around content marketing. Content becomes more specific because of the feedback from the target market.

Of course, content marketing has also changed precisely because of the popularity of social media. New social avenues online has made content more accessible and the viral factor of sharing can also potentially widen the reach of a particular piece of content. Ultimately this also changes the way content is written because the market for the content is now given extra special attention.

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