Salesforce Transformation for  Not-for-Profit Organization

Case Study

Salesforce Transformation for Not-for-Profit Organization

March 1, 2023

About the Client:

Today’s 12-year-old girls will be the entrepreneurs of 2025. The Academy for Enterprising Girls offers an amazing opportunity to provide these young women with the tools they need to take control of their working life, and to develop the mindset and passion for entrepreneurial and STEM-based careers.


The Academy for Enterprising Girls’ key challenges includes difficulty making reports due to data silos, lack of a single view for stakeholders, and minimal automaton experience.

What We Did

Academy for Enterprising Girls has engaged AFDigital, a Salesforce Consulting Partner, to help with their Salesforce implementation. The project’s key objectives include making reporting easier, having a single stakeholder view, and activating and enabling the team with Salesforce MC marketing automation tool. AFDigital carried out the project in several phases: 1) Discovery workshops which include LMS and partner integration, and Journey and Analytics workshops; 2) Blueprint documentation which covers Integration, Sales and Marketing Cloud, Data Model, Social Studio and Journeys; 3) Project Governance; 4) Salesforce CRM Setup; and 5) Integration of Eventbrite to Salesforce.

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