Salesforce Transformation for Insurance

Case Study

Salesforce Transformation for Insurance

About the Client:

Headquartered in Sydney, QBE Australia provide a broad range of insurance products — from car and home insurance to tailored business packages and specialist cover for industries — to various types of customers.


QBE Australia’s key challenges include limited internal resourcing to sustain implementation, as well as the digitisation of their marketing functions.

What We Did

QBE Australia worked closely with AFDigital to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud in order to aid the digitalisation of their AusPAC Marketing Function. The goal throughout the process is to progress through a Partner 360 vision to transform the way the business operates moving forward. The program of work encompassed implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to move off SWIFT as quickly as possible. The AFDigital team tackled the project in 3 phases: 1) to integrate Marketing Cloud with their CRM, configure Email Studio, and import data from SWIFT; 2) enable SalesWings, Mobile Studio, and Datorama; and 3) to implement Social Studio and Service Cloud. This holistic digital transformation brought QBE Australia a step closer to building smarter customer journeys.

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