Marketing Evolution for Creative Media

Case Study

Marketing Evolution for Creative Media

About the Client:

SAE has been setting the global benchmark for creative media education since 1976, offering degrees and programs across 6 disciplines – Animation, Audio, Design, Film, Games, and Web & Mobile.


SAE Institute’s current marketing automation is not omnichannel and their different markets’ data are in silos.

What We Did

SAE needed a marketing overhaul, so they engaged with AFDigital to do the job. The AFDigital team worked closely with SAE Institute mainly to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud to start powering their student journeys. We set up Marketing Cloud with Salesforce CRM Integration and Datorama enablement, along with SMS, Advertising, and Email Studio (including the implementation of omnichannel journeys). Additionally, AFDigital also held training for the SAE team to empower them to use the tool to its maximum potential through best practice.

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