CRM & Marketing Cloud Activation for RentPay

Case Study

CRM & Marketing Cloud Activation for RentPay

About the Client:

RentPay is a portable payments and planning app just for renters and a whole lot more. RentPay comes with a range of features designed by talking to thousands of renters to help you take control of your rent, build your financial status, and live a more stress-free life.


RentPay needs a new unsubscribe page in their Marketing Cloud and a way to identify which records fall under Rent and RentPay, respectively, in their CRM.

What We Did

AFDigital helped RentPay address its business pain points by building Sales and Marketing Cloud preference page and providing best practice architecture advisory on data setup. Under the CRM aspect, AFDigital advised to have new fields for opt-outs of each brand and updated the existing unsubscribes for RENT to have only opt-out from one brand. For Marketing Cloud, AFDigital created a Custom Preference Page for RentPay, updated the Rent Preference page, and created new automations for sync.

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