Claims Management and Customer Support for e-Commerce

Case Study

Claims Management and Customer Support for e-Commerce

About the Client:

4WD SupaCentre is an e-commerce and online retailer of outdoor products, especially for camping. The company was founded in 2013 and has 17 physical stores around Australia.


The company aims to improve its operational efficiency and to utilise Salesforce CRM to build an effective Claims Management System.

What We Did

AFDigital helped 4WD implement an integrated and extensible cloud-based SaaS solution to aid their pipeline and case management. Phase 1 focussed on developing an integral view of claims coming from their website and store to establish a single source of truth action and have a storage accessible to all departments involved, and increasing customer satisfaction by delivering personalised support across multiple channels and measuring team performance with dashboards. AFDigital also deployed Live Chat to enable efficient customer query response and support.
Benefit: $3m per year in missed Claims from suppliers.

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