B2B Sales Transformation Through E-Commerce

In these extraordinary times where digital innovation advances to become the modern solution for sustainability and staying connected, more people are relying on e-commerce for convenient access to resources and essentials. This rapid calibration in technology makes stepping into digital retail a prudent and practical choice. Our recently concluded webinar on “The Modern Salesperson: Reimagine Your B2B Sales Process With Ecommerce included some insightful tips from AFDigital's CEO Robin Leonard and storeConnect's CEO Mikel Lindsaar on how e-commerce can precede businesses to keep moving forward.

AFDigital took the opportunity to further upscale their digital services by successfully launching their storeConnect e-commerce store for consulting services amidst the height of COVID-19 last May. This particular move has paved the way for the company to maintain its operations and services at full scale despite the global pandemic.

storeConnect is a connected e-commerce platform that is suitable for both B2B and B2C and is 100% built on and hosted within Salesforce. The platform's main philosophy is to leverage the power of Salesforce by integrating its features which includes a self-provisioning install process, customisable user interface, full CMS functionality, and utilisation of existing data and workflows. It's also fully customisable enabling users to personalize their theme and import the store product themselves or have the option to choose a curated set-up package.

With its full Salesforce integration, all updates in an online store are done within Salesforce keeping all data and information properly streamlined making it convenient for a team to organize records with just a few clicks. Managing multiple price books to cater to various customers, brands, or region is also made easy as storeConnect allows multiple storefronts connected managed, and delivered, all from one system. A 24/7 system monitoring and support comes with every storeConnect installation which also includes an annual support solution to ensure the software version is always updated. One of the best things about its many attributes is the quick installation and rapid implementation of the platform allowing a smooth and efficient transition.

A number of technological advancements have recently emerged to defy the boundaries set about by the current events. These days, modern technology plays a big role in helping us get things done, disseminating information, and keeping us connected. The future of e-commerce is looking steady as it encompasses today's era where our lifestyle is heavily influenced by digital transformation.

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