AFDigital Strengthens Marketing Cloud Capabilities with Technical Architect

AFDigital welcomes Jay Lee, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Technical Architect. His role involves designing and developing solutions to meet technical requirements and applying Salesforce Marketing knowledge to data management, scripting languages, API, and integration tasks.

Jay has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for quite some time, mainly as a technical developer consultant. He thoroughly enjoys working in the industry because of the ever-evolving products, and there are always new skills to learn and problems to solve.

Having a very customer-centric mindset means that Jay values building trust with clients. He believes that prioritising their needs and ensuring they are given a solution to their business challenges are crucial to the company’s growth and success.

“As a technical architect at AFDigital, I would like to utilise my current skills and expand on learning new development. Equally, I would like to share my knowledge/experience with colleagues and help upskill our team members to the next level.”

Book a one-on-one consultation with Jay to learn more about Marketing Cloud and how it can help your business.

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