AFDigital selected as Salesforce Focus Partner in Health and Life Sciences (HLS)

AFDigital is proud to have been selected as one of Salesforce’s Focus Partners in the growing vertical Health And Life Sciences (HLS).

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused patients to shift to telehealth services in order to stay safe and reduce the burden on overwhelmed hospitals, which means that important health information is now constantly accessed digitally. With providers and payers facing a new normal, the power of technology has never been more important, as well as its role in driving engagement.

With every aspect of care delivery becoming more consumer-focused, AFDigital delivers innovative technology solutions, leveraging on Salesforce to help providers narrow the healthcare gap, increase patient engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and drive better health outcomes.

Our clients in the HLS industry

We have a long history of serving clients in the healthcare and life sciences. We employ a go to market approach to our HLS clients, ensuring success all throughout the different stages of the project.

Here are some of the clients we had successful projects with:

Rapid Response Revival

Rapid Response Revival (RRR) is a medical technology development company focused on transforming the automated external defibrillator (AED) market.

RRR is on a mission to increase the survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest around the world by making defibrillators accessible to every home. For them to better fulfil this mission, they have decided to leverage technology and undergo a digital transformation with AFDigital.

Rapid Response Revival was able to successfully launch CellAED, an innovative portable automated external defibrillator for home, community, and business use, in Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world, in a short span of time.

RRR being able to run a full suite of end to end platforms to further amplify their digital transformation. The project utilises Salesforce CRM, Social Studio, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud to leverage the work that’s been done. Automation also plays a key role in every step of the customer journey.

The e-commerce platform implemented through Salesforce and StoreConnect enabled RRR to manage customer queues and end to end delivery of products.

RRR CMO Mark Hillebrand has this to say about working with AFDigital:

“AFDigital were not just pitching a generic idea to us. You certainly showed us what you’ve done for other organisations but it was actually that ability to really understand what we needed to do that made us decide to be partners in this journey. The solutions were developed with us in mind. The other really important thing was because we had a very small team, we’re including a business analyst and project manager which typically you would want to have on the client side of the fence. Because we had to move so quickly, AFDigital brought all these resources to the table very quickly and that was critical in terms of getting it there and getting the journey started.”

Virtus Health

Virtus Health Limited is the market-leading Assisted Reproductive Services (ARS) provider in Australia & Ireland, with a growing presence in the UK, Denmark, & Singapore. AFDigital helped them optimise their Marketing Cloud after performing a thorough Health Check.

They also got our Social Studio package to help them stay on top of the latest news and sentiments from customers that may impact their business.

Pierre Fabre

The Pierre Fabre Group is the third largest independent pharmaceutical company in France with a culture of research and innovation, ethical and pharmaceutical rigour, and a commitment to public health for over 50 years.

They needed an overhaul of their customer service processes, as they used to track customer service through spreadsheets. AFDigital set up the Salesforce Service Cloud and all its accompanying parts. AFDigital also provided them with ongoing Managed Services support to help the Pierre Fabre team make the best use of the Salesforce platform.


Unilab is the leading pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, manufacturing prescription, consumer healthcare and personal care brands since 1945. They engaged AFDigital to help with their digital and marketing transformation journey.

AFDigital worked with Unilab in implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Social Studio, with the goal of creating more relevant and effective customer journeys on multiple channels. Our team configured the two platforms with journey builds, implementations, and training to ultimately set them up for success with the platform and enable them to manage campaigns in a single platform. We also recently implemented Marketing Cloud Personalisation for them.


Zenitas is a community-based healthcare provider specialising in the provision of in-home and in-clinic care solutions to reduce the reliance on high-cost institutional care. They engaged AFDigital to maximise the ROI on their Salesforce investment and equip their team with the skills needed to use the platform to its full potential.

Our team integrated Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the brand’s Salesforce CRM to create a single view of their customer.We also provided support and enablement to Zenitas’ internal Salesforce team so they can start using Marketing Cloud to send communications to their customers and build smarter customer journeys.

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