AFDigital reinforces MuleSoft practice with new Lead and Architect

AFDigital welcomes Premkumar Natarajan, MuleSoft Lead and Architect. His role allows him to create better customer experiences and ensure that all deliverables to clients are as seamless and intuitive as possible, as well as improve the efficiency of a protocol or procedure.

Prem has over 18 years of overall IT experience, having played multiple roles as architect and developer, and has provided significant support to large-scale enterprise software solutions. His IT career journey started in 2004 as a Java developer and has since learned multiple technologies, including Oracle SOA, OSB, TIBCO and MuleSoft across his various roles. He has worked at client locations around the UK, USA, Belgium, and Australia with different domain customers to understand their business solutions, helping them implement integration solutions.

Prem has also worked extensively with prominent Australian clients, such as the South Australian Police, City West Water, NAB< Ambulance Victoria, Monash University, Caulfield Grammar School, Powercor, Geelong Football Club, and City of Gold Coast, to name a few.

As AFDigital’s MuleSoft Lead and Architect, he manages a team of junior developers and is heavily involved in the design meeting with clients, as well as in designing the templates for API, data analysis, and reporting. He also does regular coaching sessions with his juniors to ensure that the highest quality of service is always delivered to clients. Prem also spends phone time with clients who may have questions regarding their sprint plans and business cases, giving them valuable advice and possible solutions.

Prem believes that for success to be achieved, one needs to be bold to make the necessary changes. “Sometimes, small, incremental changes don’t move far enough or fast enough,” he adds. For his new role, he expects to have a better understanding of MuleSoft for AFDigital and to be able to help the team set up the best practices, API-led architecture, and digital maturity across projects. He also expects to contribute best practices methodologies and to get the centre for enablement model in practice, and to strengthen the relationship with existing customers.

“I firmly believe in taking a collaborative approach to each project and I love working with a team to achieve a common goal. I know my background in integration and understanding the customer goal, and it has prepared me for this role,” Prem says. “I look forward to becoming a valued contributor to this phenomenal team.” He looks forward to working for Scope AUS as an architect.

As his new role demands that he works closely with the Sales team, Prem is excited to learn new things and to have the opportunity to work more closely with customers, where he can bring in his MuleSoft architecture experience.

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