AFDigital reaches Summit of Salesforce Partner Program

AFDigital is proud and excited to announce that it has joined the elite group of Salesforce Summit Partners, the highest rank in Salesforce’s Partner Program Status.

Road to Summit 

AFDigital is proud to share this tier with the world’s top-tier consulting firms. “Summit” which is synonymous with the “Platinum Consulting Partner”, that recently was replaced by these new levels.

One does not become a Summit partner overnight. To achieve this coveted status, a company needs to accomplish the objectives established by Salesforce defined based on four main pillars — customer success, innovation, growth, equality, and sustainable development. 

These main pillars resonate well within AFDigital, as we are passionate about technology and how we use this to build solutions for our clients. We also put tremendous value on knowledge sharing, upskilling, and growing talent within our company. AFDigital provides its employees an environment that encourages them to expand their knowledge and focus on their strengths. Everybody is encouraged to learn from each other, the company, its clients, and the communities we serve. 

Since the company started its Salesforce Consulting Partner journey in 2012, our team has obtained hundreds of Salesforce certifications in various specialisations and fields. The team’s collaborative effort in getting certified is a testament to our functional and technical Salesforce expertise. 

From achieving the Silver status in July 2019, our team worked hard to obtain as many certifications as possible, which is why by January 2020, we were up 158% on new certifications. By April 2020, AFDigital reached Gold status, achieving 579 points and 76% to the next level. The team continued to rack up the points and the certifications until March 2021, when we reached 595 points and reached Crest level. 

In November 2021, AFDigital finally reached the Summit Partner status, garnering 841 points - 91 points above the required minimum. Climbing the Summit is truly a team effort — a combination of our team getting Salesforce Certifications, the Sales team bringing in new clients, and our projects getting fantastic feedback from our customers. 

“Teamwork is at the heart of great achievement. We set our sights on a goal and executed. I am extremely proud of our team at AFDigital.” - Elmer Tagarino, AFDigital President

What this means for AFDigital clients 

As a Salesforce Summit Partner, clients can expect us to implement best practises across transformation strategy, functional and technical architecture, and hybrid managed services that are agile and focus on delivering a continuous flow of value.

Reaching the Summit status signifies AFDigital’s Salesforce expertise, ensuring our clients are always in good hands. We will always strive to provide and build the right solutions for you. Contact us to learn how we can implement Salesforce solutions for your business. 


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