AFDigital Partners with OwnBackup to Strengthen Customer Data Protection and Security

Data forms the building blocks of digital transformation. AFDigital understands the importance of data security, compliance, and privacy for businesses, especially when organisations move more critical applications and data to Salesforce. Our customers’ cloud data protection has always been a high priority, so we’ve partnered with OwnBackup to help eliminate data downtime and prevent losing mission-critical data and metadata.  own backup data protection

Why Backup Salesforce

There’s a common notion that if it’s in the cloud, it’s protected. The sad truth is, data loss can happen — be it human error, bad code, integration error, or malicious intent. Losing access to Salesforce data means losing access to everything.  While Salesforce offers recycle bin and weekly export service if something like this happens, it’s still highly recommended to use a reliable partner backup solution like OwnBackup for two reasons: to backup your data and metadata daily and make it easy to restore data if such incident happens. salesforce recovery options

Optimise your Data Backup & Recovery

AFDigital believes that no cloud-operating company should ever lose data. Our partnership with OwnBackup brings reliable data protection and recovery right to your doorstep. OwnBackup lets you protect mission-critical data and metadata with automated clout-to-cloud backup, continuous data monitoring, and precision repair tools.  Here’s a quick overview of how these key features help your business optimise data backup and recovery:

Automated Backups

Automated backups run behind the scenes to safeguard your data and metadata in the cloud. This means you get to protect 100% of the data that drives your business. The best part? It’s super easy to set up — no coding, professional services, or maintenance required. own backup automated backup

Intelligent Monitoring

With OwnBackup’s intelligent monitoring feature, you’ll be the first to know about any data incident so you can take immediate action. It gives real-time alerts to identify unwanted data additions or create rules to notify you of anomalies. 

Precision Repair

Rapid, stress-free recovery is part of the package. OwnBackup lets you restore data with pinpoint precision. You can go back in time to recover the exact data you need from any backup in your history. 

OwnBackup is a compelling Salesforce-friendly data backup, recovery and archiving solution that de-risks against data loss, ultimately allowing the CIO to sleep at night. We are very excited to support OwnBackup with professional services across APAC.

- Robin Leonard, CEO & Co-Founder

Being a data-driven organisation paves a clearer path toward digital transformation. Every interaction in the digital world generates data, making data protection, backup, and recovery vital to your business. With OwnBackup, you get to maintain business continuity and accelerate projects with peace of mind, leaving no room for an outage to get in your way of doing and running your business.  

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