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The business world has changed and we all need to adjust to this unprecedented time. We want you to know that we have never been more committed to supporting you in these trying times. While everyone else is growing accustomed to the changes caused by COVID-19, AFDigital is keeping busy and remains business as usual. With delivery centres across Asia-Pacific, having a remote distributed team has always been in our DNA.

Powered by the different Salesforce Clouds and other cloud-based tools, AFDigital is able to allow our employees to work from home and continuously provide our clients with the same level of support.

We do understand though that the situation is different for other industries. With our partnership with various businesses and our expertise with multiple clouds , we could help you transition so your business, too, can continue to support your customers in this very unique situation. As part of our commitment to continuously lead and support you, we've prepared a series of webinars and free training sessions, as well as a new offer:

AFDigital Masterclass

We're making the most of our quarantine and launching AFDigital Masterclass, which is a FREE online training series to better equip your team and make full use of your Salesforce licenses. Each Masterclass will run for a minimum of three weekly sessions, each session building on the vast functionalities of the different Salesforce products. Our first three masterclasses will teach you how to manage your service requests, how to configure Salesforce, and how to maximise the power of social. We're also doing a Marketing Cloud training, make sure to check out the schedule and register for the masterclasses below:

Corona Crisis Webinar: Leading Businesses Through Crisis

We've also launched a Corona Industry Talk Series , targeted to specific industries, discussing challenges and the different tactical and strategic solutions available to each industry.

As the rest of the world slows down, let's all seize this as an amazing opportunity to mono-maniacally focus on centering businesses around the customers and be ready to welcome them back stronger than ever with the best experience they truly deserve.

Watch our past webinars on Retail and Education below. Our next one will talk about the airline industry — you won't want to miss it, so make sure to register.

Check out our Leading Businesses Through Crisis page to watch the previous webinars in the series, download decks, and to sign-up to future webinars:

The Modernisation Podcast

We have a weekly podcast, The Modernisation, which releases new episodes every Sunday. It talks about anything and everything about the modern technology business. In two of our March episodes, we discussed how businesses can adapt to changes brought about by the Corona situation and the challenges faced by the retail industry. Listen to them here:

Don't forget to follow The Modernisation on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast to keep updated on new episodes.

COVID-19 Social PowerON

Social is the voice of the world. With COVID-19 affecting most parts of the world, it is therefore more important than ever to tune in to what your employees and your customers are saying on social media about the current crisis.

We have created the the COVID-19 Social PowerON Package, totally free of charge, for basic implementation of Social Studio for the purpose of Corona Crisis-related social listening, publishing, and engagement.

Want to learn more about this offer? Visit our Contact Us page and leave us a message.

Let us know if there other ways in which you think we could be supporting you and your clients. We are here for you. We are in this together.

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