AFDigital Leverages On Seamless Brand Experience with Community Cloud

AFDigital is redefining experience on a new level with the launch of our Community Cloud site! We always seek to deliver the best experience towards our partners and we’re excited to move forward with this functional integration to our arsenal.

Bridging collaboration and monitoring project updates is now made easy with the integration of Salesforce Community Cloud, an online social platform that connects customers, employees, and partners. This provides easy access to essential records and data for a more streamlined process. We want to serve you better by providing you a single platform that increases productivity – from tracking projects, integrating data, to managing customer feedback, and enhanced onsite interactions. Having all these accessible into one feature-packed platform allows you to have more time doing the work you love.

Community Cloud enables you to have a better grasp and management of your brand. Its multitude of personalized features lets you tailor-fit customer experience based on their customer data, optimise your site with customizable dashboards, and grants access to necessary information through knowledge base articles. All fields, contents, and components are fully customisable to target specific brand needs.

Let us take you through an example of the basic navigations you’ll see on our site:

The Featured Section serves as a portal that can take you anywhere within the Community Cloud site in a single click. It’s a responsive dashboard where users can access accounts, view knowledge articles, create cases, or track on project updates. It’s a window of possibilities!


Enhanced productivity is prompted as browsing and tracking projects would be a breeze with the easy, straightforward interface. A dedicated tab for Projects makes it accessible to monitor project details, progress, and necessary information in a single view.


We value customer feedback and it’s of utmost importance to us that we’re able to address issues as immediately as possible. Users can quickly log a case in the Case tab for any change requests, concerns, issues, or comments.


Knowledge Base Articles will be available for viewing anytime you need a reference and at your own pace. This includes information on processes which may be detrimental to projects such as “How To” guides and FAQs.


Given its many functionalities, Community Cloud leverages an all-encompassing approach to customer service with a variety of features and integration capabilities compressed in a single platform. This gives users an overall control of the kind of content, components, and elements they need to incorporate based on their respective brand needs. We couldn’t be more excited to further bolster our services following this launch! Here’s to redefining experience together.

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