AFDigital Successfully Holds First-Ever CSX Summit

The first-ever **CSX Summit** was held last month in Melbourne — and it was a definite success! In partnership with Salesforce, AFDigital hosted a fruitful morning filled with valuable learnings about how businesses can provide exceptional customer service and how a 1:1 relationship with the customer can make your company stand out in the experience economy. For those who missed it, we got you covered. Here are the highlights of the event.

Matt Porta, Salesforce’s APAC Product Leader – Service Cloud, started off the day with insights about the importance of having one conversational platform that would support every digital interaction.

Indeed, gone are the days when businesses were in control of how customers seek service. With a growing number of available channels, customers now have the power to choose how to reach out to companies. So how can your company adapt, survive, and thrive in this hyperconnected world? Through **Service Cloud Digital Engagement**. This ensures that you continue delivering that consistent and personalised service, says Matt.

He then discussed the pros of choosing digital engagement that will deliver customer success:

>Like our bots, we make sure we provide the right tools so you can start listening smarter to your customers. – Matt Porta, Salesforce>

Salesforce’s Head of Social Tom Williamson tackled social customer experiences. He highlighted that social media has become a platform that customers rely on to engage and interact with brands. It is then no longer enough for businesses to use social media purely for services because customers demand digital innovation on a yearly basis. Not surprisingly, keeping up with customer expectations is the #1 challenge that service leaders are facing today. But it is not without a solution.

>Your social customers on social media channels, it needs to be part of a larger and a more orchestrated experience – Tom Williamson, Salesforce>

After Matt and Tom’s informative talks, AFDigital’s Pauline Pangan sat down with Yamaha’s Simon Goldsworthy and Heritage Brands’ Jemima Miller for a Fireside Chat on.

Simon and Jemima delightfully shared their experience working with Salesforce towards digital transformation. They both emphasised on how Salesforce helped them achieve a 1:1 relationship with their customers.

>[Customers] want to communicate with you wherever at whatever time they dictate. So it’s very important for us to use technology to facilitate the ideal customer experience… Which is [also] why we need a platform where we could have that single source of truth where we’re capturing all of that customer data into one spot. – Jemima Miller, Heritage Brands>

To wrap things up, our very own Robin Leonard took the stage as the keynote speaker, discussing data-driven customer engagement journeys and personalisation, omnichannel customer service, and the future of customer service.

With competition increasing in any industry, good customer service is what sets your business apart. But it isn’t a smooth ride. As Robin pointed out, there are inherent challenges that hinder a business from delivering excellent customer service:

The experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, say 80% of customers. This is why Service Transformation is a MUST. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots is the key to a successful service transformation.

This does not mean, however, that humans are no longer needed. It is important to note that AI-powered digital solutions can only be most effective when deployed with – rather than in place of – humans.

Everybody in attendance at the CSX Summit surely learned a lot during this morning of networking and valuable learnings. It was a delight sharing and hearing about different customer service journeys and we can’t wait to prepare more of these events for you.

Watch these highlights from the event:

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