AFDigital CRM Practice Director Achieves Elite-Rank as Newest Salesforce CTA

Salesforce Gold Multi-Cloud partner, AFDigital, is proud to announce a new milestone as their Salesforce CRM Practice Director Bibhu Pati earns his prestigious Salesforce Certified Technical Architect “CTA” credential!

Bibhu’s hard work, dedication, and years of experience working with enterprise clients played an integral part in his journey towards acquiring the elite and pinnacle CTA credential. His strong determination fuelled his passion to go hands-on in discovering new concepts which he considers is the best way to learn.

*“I used to practice a lot of mocks and all these years of working on difficult projects helped me prepare for it. I had my study buddies with whom I was in regular touch and we pushed each other to reach the top.” *

said Bibhu on his preparation for the highly sought after CTA certification.

Going for the CTA required a lot of perseverance. Dubbed as the pinnacle certification for those who demonstrate the capabilities to design and build high-performance technical solutions on the Salesforce platform, it is considered an elite credential among those with the expertise with only about 300 accredited CTAs globally although it has already been around since 2011.

Several prerequisite certifications must be obtained in order to qualify to take the CTA. Getting certified in specific fields of specialization is required before qualifying for accreditation to become a domain architect. These credentials would then be required prior to taking the CTA. Bibhu has achieved 28 certifications prior to the CTA and it involved a lot of time to thoroughly understand and scrutinize each data model and concept clearly.


As AFDigital strives to help organizations propel their way to a future-proof CX architecture and redefine the experience, Bibhu takes on a vital role in helping clients toward success. Clients can trust that someone is providing solid advice in their Salesforce implementation with due consideration towards salesforce recommended best practices.

“Architecture is not always about the systems in the landscape, proper governance framework and UX are major components that often get ignored. I am excited to introduce that lens to our customers and drive their investment decisions in the right direction.” – Bibhu Pati, Salesforce CRM Practice Director

Bibhu has gathered a lot of new strategies along the way over the last few months and he’s looking forward to guiding clients to make the right decisions through the course of their Salesforce journey. He’s also excited to get more clients into the company’s fold and help them implement efficient solutions geared towards a positive change in their organisations to better serve their customers, change employee’s lives, and eventually the community.

Listen to our one on one interview with Bibhu on this podcast episode where he shares about his road to CTA and the insights he got from the experience:

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