AFDigital amplifies opportunities for growth with Strategic Account Executive

AFDigital welcomes Carlos Bravo, Strategic Account Executive. His role in the company helps clients improve their bottom line, ensuring they are in a much better shape when AFDigital’s work is done. He is also heavily involved in Sales.

Carlos began his Salesforce journey as a Salesforce user while working in the Telco space as a Sales Executive. He was impressed by the CRM after years of not being able to track activity, capture customer data nor share information - so much that he wanted to work in Salesforce. He joined the company in 2015 and was even more impressed by their methodology. He has remained a part of the ecosystem in some way or another even after his Salesforce stint.

As AFDigital’s Strategic Account Executive, Carlos spends his days engaging with customers in meetings and workshops helping them to come up with strategies to harness data, better connect with customers and ultimately, improve bottom line. He believes there are three levers to business transformation and he calls them ‘The Holy Trinity”. Being, Systems, Processes and People, and through these you aim to increase revenue and/or decrease cost. He is thrilled that he gets the chance to be part of a customer’s transformation and especially now that we can again conduct face-to-face meetings with prospects, clients, and partners. He also spends a great deal of his time researching industries and organisations to ensure that AFDigital’s approach delivers long term transformation. He expects to do awesome work and bring positive change to AFDigital clients, helping them transform their businesses.

Carlos is most excited about the prospects for growth. AFDigital recently reached Salesforce Summit Partner status, so there is an opportunity for massive growth and, as he puts it, “I get to be a part of it.” He adds, “I love meeting people and solving problems. I think sales allows me to do both. I’m looking forward to working with the AFDigital team as we and our customers grow together.”

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