7 Tips To Create An Outstanding LinkedIn Profile

So, you have your LinkedIn profile set up and you ask yourself: “What now?” Most people stop here and wait for magic-great-things, dream-jobs-landings to happen. However, usually nothing happens. Then they say “LinkedIn doesn’t work for me”. Wrong. LinkedIn is a powerful tool, but you need to work it to make it work. First step to making it work is to create an outstanding profile. As the saying goes the devil is in the details, the difference between a “just an average LinkedIn profile” and a “Master Networker LinkedIn Profile” is subtle, but important. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Profile picture. LinkedIn is more of a “FACEbook” than Facebook. For a Facebook profile photo, anything is acceptable – you and your mom, you far away near a palm tree, the blurry “selfie” picture you took with your webcam or your cat with that funny hat. Not on LinkedIn. Here, you need to present yourself at your best. Consider having a photo session just for that purpose. It needs to be professional, with clear view of your face. And don’t forget to smile!

  2. Keywords, keywords, keywords. In order to show off your new shiny LinkedIn profile, you need people to find it. Think of LinkedIn like a search engine and ask yourself – “what keywords would your prospective client type when searching for me?” Define those keywords and use them when filling all other parts of your profile: summary, work experience, education etc. However, do not indulge in practice of “keyword stuffing” – a profile filled with same keyword over and over again will appear higher in search results, but will also be repulsive to anyone who reads it.

  3. Professional headline or why should I care? Professional headline is that space just below your Name Line where LinkedIn allows you tell more about what you do. It allows only 120 characters, but it is one of the underutilized features of LinkedIn profiles. “General Manager for RandomCompanyInc.” is not a good headline. Unless you work for a well known brand, most people will not know your company. Even if you do work for a famous brand, this kind of headline says very little. When writing your professional headline answer these questions: Who are you? Whom do you help? How do you help them?

  4. Summary – your business persona story. This sections allows you to tell your story – where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go. Make it engaging, interesting to read and concise. Add a list of skills and areas of interest. Add a call-to-action – a link to your website, blog or a landing page. Make it easy for people to find out why they should connect with you and how they can do it. And VERY IMPORTANT, do NOT write your summary in third person. It looks awkward as everybody knows you are the one who wrote it – people will be concerned that you also talk in the third person.

  5. Contact info – the little hidden secret. The title is self-explanatory – add all the ways people can contact you. Add as many as possible, but do keep in mind your privacy. The little secret is within Websites part of the contact info box. When adding a website LinkedIn lets you choose some default titles: Personal Website, Company Website, Blog. Skip that, choose Other – here you can write any title you want. Write a short call-to-action and link to something on your Website/Blog/Landing Page that would be compelling for people to check out.

  6. Rich media. Remember that presentation you made last week and you worked on so much? You showed it to your team and now it is collecting dust in your folder (speaking figuratively). Well now you can show it off on your LinkedIn profile – add presentations, photos, videos. This will make your profile stand out.

  7. Recommendations. The more you have, the better your profile will look. Of course, they do need to be credible and talking about skills you want to emphasize. Thus take control of this process, ask for recommendations from people and guide them how you would like the recommendation to be. Keep in mind, to receive you need to give first – best way of getting recommendations is to give them to others.

“Your profile is the place to show off your greatest successes and future aspirations. It’s also one of the first chances you have to make a good first impression for anyone discovering you on or off of LinkedIn—whether it’s a future colleague searching for you on the Internet, a potential client looking at your past work before a meeting, or a recruiter deciding whether to reach out to you for your next dream job.” Alexis Baird, LinkedIn Official Blog

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