3 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing professionals love to talk shop when they’re together, and their conversations reveal sharp insights of industry trends. In one of my conversations with a top digital marketing executive, he shared that a leading player in the telecoms industry decided to set up their own digital marketing arm to support their marketing efforts, pirating people from various agencies — including one of his former employees.

One day, they bumped into each other, and the executive asked his former employee how he was doing. “We hardly do anything,” he replied. The reason? No one knew how to run the digital marketing department. It had been set up on a whim, or the belief that it was more efficient and cost-effective to do it in-house. However, the digital marketing industry was not their core business. They didn’t know what strategies or directions to give, so the team they had pirated was as effective as a very expensive and powerful car parked in a garage.


Companies are finally realizing the need for digital marketing. They see that social media and other digital tools are not just a passing fad, and that web presence isn’t as simple as starting a company Facebook page. They know that to be relevant to the web generation, they need a robust, cohesive, and holistic digital marketing strategy.

This begs the question: who will provide that strategy for them? They have two options: do it in-house, or outsource it to a digital marketing agency. Some companies think that hiring a team is cheaper, but the truth is that outsourcing gives far greater and more instant benefits. Here are three arguments why outsourcing makes more business sense.


Companies may either hire a digital marketing man, or worse, assign an existing marketing officer to take on the digital strategy. This is their way of “saving money”. However, hiring a digital officer or an entire digital team does impact your budget — aside from salaries, you will need to provide them with faster computers, internet access, mobile phone plans, employee benefits, and training. You may also need to invest in social media management software and web analytic reports. Outsourcing, on the other hand, will allow you to save money on many of these factors. What you will be paying is a portion of the team’s time but still get the same level of service as building your own team.

Digital marketing is also a multi-pronged effort that entails very specific skill sets (SEO, Adwords, content, social media, community engagement, among others). It will be difficult to find a single person who is an expert in all these fields; you will still need to go to an agency to fulfill these tasks, which then defeats the purpose of your plan to do it on your own.

Furthermore, a badly managed digital marketing plan is more expensive than not having one at all. The haphazard, substandard content reflects poorly on a brand, forming negative perceptions at worst, or being ignored at best.


If there’s one thing any professional digital marketer will tell you, it’s this: the industry will keep you on your toes because the business is constantly evolving and changing. The digital marketing industry is probably the most dynamic in the world. Best practices and policies are constantly changing, affected by search engine algorithms, consumer internet habits, and research. Digital marketing agencies follow these reports and undergo constant training. They know the present trends are and have a finger on the pulse of the ever-shifting digital marketing landscape.

Agencies also have a team of experts: content managers, social media specialists, SEO managers, etc. They keep abreast of the developments in their own fields, and have the experience to know when to apply the techniques, or to recognize a valid trend and a possibly disastrous fad.

Getting experts for each field would mean a larger team – and a swelling overhead. Going the outsourcing route means you only pay a fraction of the cost to gain access to these experts.


There’s definitely no redundancy plans for an in-house solution to digital marketing. You’ll only hire one content manager, social media specialist and SEO manager. If any one of these people decide to go on an emergency leave or suddenly go AWOL, your digital marketing efforts will come to a screeching and abrupt stop until you find a replacement. Digital marketing is all about consistency – stop for a significant amount of time and your marketing efforts will begin to suffer. That’s all your hard work down the drain.

An outsourcing solution, on the other hand, will have ready contingencies in case the person assigned to your account is not available. You’ll know that digital marketing efforts will continue because they have to fulfill their commitment to your account. That’s the kind of assurance that any company worth their value would get behind on.

These are three very valid arguments to go the outsourcing route. As you can see, outsourcing your digital marketing to a reputable and experienced digital marketing agency will save you money, effort and ensure a continuous marketing push for your brand. If you need help with your digital marketing, or unsure about what your company need, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll be happy to give our free consulting advice.

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